Title: Fonthill

Project Type: Domestic Extension & Renovation

Location: Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

Status: Complete

The clients were a couple with teenage children who sought to convert a bathroom to an en suite for the master bedroom. An existing bedroom was converted to a bathroom, resulting in the need for a first-floor extension to accommodate an additional bedroom.
The clients’ preference was for a contemporary aesthetic with clean lines and minimal profiles for fittings and windows. The project also allowed for renovating the interior to provide a new stair with glass balustrade in keeping with this aesthetic, and rooflights to first floor landing to replace the natural light lost by a window covered by the extension.
The limited size available for the additional bedroom necessitated devising a raised sleeping platform that would allow for seating and storage space below. The roof was kicked-up above this platform to allow for sufficient head height. The roof manipulation allowed for the inclusion of a high level, south facing window to provide natural light to the sleeping area and increase passive solar gain.