Title: Baroda

Project Type: Domestic Extension & Renovation

Location: Newbridge, Co. Kildare

Status: Complete

The client wished to extend their home to allow for a larger kitchen and dining space, as well as a second living area.
Through the initial sketch process, it was found that the interior of the existing house could be redesigned with minimum expense and disruption in tandem with the extension in order to provide a more generous entrance space by the front door, a practically sized utility room, and an enlarged en suite for the master bedroom.
Due to the aspect of the site, the extension was oriented around a bespoke rooflight that ran the length of the new space. The full width of the rear façade of the extension is composed of generously proportioned timber-framed, sliding double doors that enhance the relationship between indoor and outdoor spaces. Abundant in-built storage was also a critical part of the brief, which was oriented in parallel with the rooflight along the length of the extension.